Anders Nicolaisen

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Anders Nicolaisen

I am ..

A software engineer specialised in computer security, a tad too fond of having many side projects, immensely skilled in consuming too many energy drinks.

Mentor of code aficionados
Aficionado noun, a person who likes a particular sport, activity or subject very much and knows a lot about it.
and high school students IDA Science Cup - On the panel of judges to pick the best high school science projects with aspirations for the natural sciences.

Technical architect, tech lead, or perhaps just technically challenged in a couple of smaller startups.
Technically, chief technology officer, or CTO, in GameScorekeeper, as well as Monocular Agency.

Fascinated by coding language, optimisation, security, web pages, and the interplay between developer, server, and user.
.. And also quite avid for human languages, grammar, and their application.

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Current projects ..

Main developer on the Java framework jawn Open source, naturally Making podcasts searchable on, as I sometimes like to listen back on some great conversation, but cannot remember the episode or the timestamp If you would like your podcast to be a part of it, message me! Countdown to the, where timekeeping using only 32-bits expires Includes options to have the countdown in hexadecimal, switch to 64-bit, plus some more; includes keyboard shortcuts Owner and maintainer of perhaps the stupidest, but simultaneously the funniest, domain name: A bit of an experiment in SEO - and fairly highly ranked on search engines, completely without the use of advertisement or paid traffic Someday I got annoyed with the webplayer of the local radio staion, so I created my own: Of course also comes with keyboard shortcuts for controlling the player Practising photography, and keeps a somewhat updated portfolio on 500px Once in a while as a paid photographer for weddings and christenings

Caretaker of a handful of web pages for private and one-man businesses.
Handles all the technical stuff, so people themselves can handle content. The trick is to automate as much as possible in order to disguise how little you actually need to do to keep their pages running